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Sunday, April 11, 2004


So I got a call from my agent in Vancouver, asked me what I was doing later next week or earlier the week after that. Why? Cuz Dead Zone ain't done wit you yet boy. . . I gotta go back for one more day, at this point it's not clear if they will be paying for my flight out or no. Since I got the job as a local, they might expect me to just be there, but they did wrap me and knew where I was heading.

Then a few minutes later I called my agent here to let them know that something was up, to give them a 'heads up' as they say. And they told me they had a 'heads up' of their own to give me, I had gotten another part in something else and it starts on the 19th, so long as my Dead Zone didn't conflict it would be all good.

Other news, still looking at condos with ma/pa/girlfriend. She's off on a girls' night. She wanted me to come, but there's a girl there that she hasn't seen in ten years, why bring your boyfriend? She'll have a better time without me. And it'll give me a chance to clean this apt.!!

more later.


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