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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Adventure Day - part 1

You ever have one of those? Well, I did. It started innocently enough with meeting Christina Patterson and her husband David for brunch. Little did I know, David planned to walk us to the all you can eat sushi place, called. . . um. . . toppomomo? Something like that. No Joke. If you know Vancouver at all. . . I live in Kitsilano at around maple and broadway. This Toppomomo joint is at Davie and Denman, downtown. And we walked all the way down maple to the beach--where there is a totum pole that an eagle usually rests on. It's a for real eagle I have pictures, I will put them up. Hard to see though, because it's about a hundred feet up in the air, so I took a few just to prove that the little fella was moving around.-- Then we walked along the beach front for a long time, walked through a tiny little fair grounds that we soon realized wasn't real, but part of a movie set. So I looked around for my Dead Zone friends, but saw none-turns out it wasn't their set--and we continued.

By this point we've walked 4 km or so, in my dress shoes, and with my back being the way it is, due to my gut being the way that it is, (sigh). And I ask David, 'are we there yet papa smurf?'. He says, 'oh no. We've got a long ways to go smurfette. We're actually going completely the wrong way because we've got to cross the water first and then come back along the other side.' and my feet responded, 'bastard'. But on we trudged. The sun was up pretty good by then and we actually had to take off our jackets, wrap them around our waists and continue, I polished off a litre of water on this walk by the way. So for those of you in Toronto, I will ask, when was the last time it got too hot to wear your jacket?! Damn I love this weather. It hasn't rained much at all and I've been here over a month, with one week in between when I was home for a vacation.

Okay, on with the journey. We then walked through Granville Island . . . which is reminding me of something but I'm not sure what. . . oh our waitress, Camille from the Margarita fiesta room on college and parliament is doing a show there and she was going to email me the details. So, once through Granville island, we walk down this ramp and get on this tiny 10 foot boat, give the driver 2 bucks each and he speeds us across to another part of Vancouver, which I later recognized as downtown. It was a ten minute boat ride at most. But fun and right at water level, which you don't experience on the ferries or sea bus, unless you fall out.

So, having got off the boat, walked uphill (all of Vancouver is uphill I"m convinced) for quite some time, I ask David, 'are we there yet?'. 'Nope not yet my son, we have a ways to go yet. ' -he didn't actually say 'yet' twice it's a fault of my transcription.

I will note that at this point, David did something prescient and I'll do a bit of foreshadowing with it as well. We walked along this path from the shoreline -the day as I mentioned was absolutely perfect, with the exception of a cold wind blowing closer to the water, but still, perfect)- and he just offhandedly chased a Canada goose for a few seconds. I said, 'you should be careful, aren't they dangerous?' and the response came, 'yeah, but they give you fair warning.'. Okay, no problem. Off we went. That was the foreshadowing by the way, no J. R. R. Tolkien, but just the same, you know something is up.

Sooooo, we walk and walk and finally get to the all you can eat sushi place, where the sushi was great, but the tables smelled like pee because of the cleaner and the rags they were using to clean them!

After stuffing ourselves we stopped for cupcakes at this cupcake place, I couldn't, so I would just take little bites of theirs and pretend to people walking by that I didn't' know them...'thanks lady and mister for the cupcake!'. I was just too full, but very very tasty cupcakes.

Then David said, 'we're going into the forest'. So off we went to walk through Stanley park. Which by the way is named after Lord Stanley, the same dude they named the cup after. The Hockey cup, the Stanley Cup.

End of part 1.


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