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Saturday, March 13, 2004

TWO BOOKS --help!

I need some help here. I need someone to volunteer to read a book that I have just finished and help me to understand what it is that I've read.

It's really only one book, thankfully that I'm asking people to read. There are two that have affected me in the last two weeks.

Okay the first one, just gave me an amazing perspective by way of it's analogy of our world / society / culture from a completely fabricated but delicately executed story. "Dune". You've all heard of it and you're going 'yeah, okay. He's nucking futs this guy.' but it's awesome. I can't get it out of my head.

And then there's, "The Story of B". Never heard of it? Doesn't matter. I want you to read, "Ishmael", by the same author: Daniel Quinn. I recommend you buy it with a friend. It's $25 at chapters and you'll want to lend it out, once you've read it. Maybe, I don't pretend to know everyone's tastes.

I'll say this about "ishmael", it's an easy read. So if you're busy or just lazy, don't worry, you'll finish it soon enough, but then you'll be stuck thinking, "can this really be true? It makes a lot of logical sense, but I've never heard anyone say anything so simple that DID make so much sense before"

OKay, okay. It's not one of those spiritual quest things that have inundated the market for the last decade or more. It's about . . . fixing the world. I don't know how else to put it. It's about our culture. It may seem ridiculous at first, a thinly veiled attempt to preach something to the masses, but just hang in there and you'll see it's worth it.

Dune was just something that sunk in afterwards when I thought of the two together. It's not necessary reading. But pretty cool, if you're into that genre.

Please contact me if you can't find it or if you've read it. I need to talk about this. It's burning a hole in my head.


pertinent links: Ishmael


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