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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Back to work

Okay, now we're all caught up. I had a wonderful time at home with Sofia and my cats and got to see my parents a couple of times too, who by the way, look very good and healthy!

Sofia and I are now members of Totum Life Science in Toronto, it seems she thought I was too fat when I got off the plane. Well, she likes to hold me closer than she was able, so my gut has to go! We're doing Muay Thai with one of the instructors from her regular club as well as many different kinds of classes, cardio cardio cardio!

I'm back in Vancouver. I hate planes. I really do. I did meet a nice couple, Vickie and Dave, they were 49 and 54 respectively and live in Pemberton, B.C. which is a good two hour drive from the airport. they were coming from Montreal, and before that from Platsberg, NY. having watched their son play in a hockey tournament.

Vickie explained that Dave had not been on a plane in 30 years or read a book in 25. He had two books with him and this was their third flight this year. It's all because of hockey. The books he was reading? Hockey books, just interesting facts, like in 500 BC (that's 'Before Christ', not 'British Columbia') there was hockey and people skated on sharpened bones. OKay. Anyway, they were very nice and told me about how this . . . Grostic Chiropractor changed their lives, got Dave out of chronic fatigue by adjusting something called the C1, that regular chiros don't do. He said the chiro guy barely touched him. But this man was the picture of health. They talked to me about alkaline vs acid diets and how it fixed Vickies' liver problem and all sorts of things. See they have this daughter in . . . I dont' know where she is, but she studied chinese medicine and recently took a course on blood analysis. She changed her mothers diet. These people juice and eat vegetables and fruit and I'm telling you, this guy had such powerful hands, he plays hockey every day and eats like a horse, but only good stuff. Says the other guys on his team are 25 years old. That when he looks in the mirror and sees his white beard and white hair, he goes 'ahh!' in shock, cuz he doesnt' feel that old.

Anyway that was my experience on the plane, that and two guys getting hammered behind us and kicking my seat once in awhile. I hate planes that are that small. One day, I will fly first class.

I slept a lot last night after making it here in one piece. I hope to be back within a couple of weeks and I hope that the weather will be better. As I write this, I've moved all of Missy's (my sublet) plants to the window. They missed me as much as my cats did back home. There are twelve plants in the window and two more big ones on the porch.

Did I explain everything? I did the Dead Zone. I have to shoot one more day, I think it's this week, and I have some auditions lined up as well. I'm trying to save up for an apartment in Toronto.



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