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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Agent calls to 'warn me': Don't go home!

02/10/2004 --important date to note

If I get the part Sofi. I need the big book sent to me. I need the unix for mac os x sent to me and I need you here. and I a cheque or two deposited!

and I need to send her something for valentine's day. . .


this has been a long one. I started with mailing out my driving offence payment to the ontario courts services. Then I'm running around all day trying to get little things together for Valentine's day, and I'm emailing and talking to Sofia on the phone about my trip details. . .

Then just as we're planning the day, Jamie calls to 'warn' me that I am back in the running for the part on the DEAD ZONE and I may have huge conflicts with the Tony and Tina's show.

This also means that I can't see Sofia for Valentine's day. This made me really unwilling to tell her, but she wasn't as upset as she thought she would be be because I got a job. So that's pretty exciting. I, of course, am not a 100% sure that I've got the job yet. I'm waiting. Jamie will call me in the morning and I will take care of my arrangements accordingly. . . Shit, should I pack just in case I have to go? I'm ready though. I just have throw my computer and my camera in the bag, grab some nice clothes for valentine's dinner and my e-ticket. I'm ready. I'll have to go at a moments notice if I don't get the part.

LOL, it's going to be a fun day.



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