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Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Well that's it. I'm done with the Dead Zone and done with Vancouver for another while.
It's been swell. It's gorgeous here and I can't believe how awesome the weather has been. I may have to mail some of my things back separately, just cuz I have so much stuff. . . shit. I hate stuff. But I bought a bunch of DVD collections so they'll take up some room too.

My last day of shooting was nuts. The director of the episode wasn't around and we had the director of another episode working with scant notes on what was left to be done. The first AD was losing his head, cuz there were errors all over the place. We shot a bunch of stuff that may not fit or be usable. They even went so far as to bring in a woman for one scene and then shot the wrong scene in the wrong time (temporal flashbacks in this episode) without her! They ended up sending her home. I finished all my shit, but I know that the director didn't really get the sequence of the scene. Or maybe I was out to lunch. At any rate I got a great big guffaw when I tea bagged the stunt double in the stretcher. Poor old Raf, never knew what hit him.

Ever see the Family guy? Some of that stuff is pretty damned funny. I haven't seen season 3 yet, but I hear it's choice.

I'll tell of another adventure when it happens.

Carlos out.


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