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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


02/26/2004 -wow time jump

Okay, this takes place much later than the entries below. I have yet to finish uploading all of the entries that will summarize my entire tale, but this is to say goodbye to Vancouver, while I go home to Toronto for a 'VISIT'. Crazy. I'll be catching an 11:10pm flight out of here and arriving at 6:30 am in Toronto. Then going to terminal 2 to say goodbye to Carol Ramirez, Sofia's sister who's leaving for Korea! Then I'm going home with my baby.

I love you all.


ps. I got the part. I played Rick Fanulli on the DEAD ZONE with Anthony Michael Hall. I shot for 6 days and I have one more to go, that's why I only get a 'vacation' home! All of the shooting logs will be entered shortly and together! -- Carlos


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