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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Exciting morning

02/11/2004 --posted

kr'los says: (08:44:19)
   all in all, this is a very exciting morning.

kr'los says: (08:44:32)
   there's no emoticon for (sigh/gasp/shit my pants)

That was the part of my msn conversation with Sofia this morning. I have everything ready to pack for the plane ride home and I'm waiting to hear from Jamie. Maybe I should be fully packed just in case? If I don't get the part, I have to fly out of here and fast. Flights at 14:15 so I'd have to leave here around noon.
What if I don't find out in time? Call Jetsgo and change the time anyway? I should call them now and just make sure that they know I might be doing it. Maybe they'll give me more time.

And what if it's not so clear cut? What if....they give me dates and they're almost workable?! Should I try and make it home to do the show? This is nuts.

If I have to shoot monday then it's a no go. I can't get a flight back in time with jetsgo.

I've got people waiting to hear from me over there too, Lucy and Jay and Sofia. Oy vey. this is making me very anxious. Take some vitamins.

Going to call jetsgo now. or should I wait for Jamie? I should probably do that...why waste time? Now if Sofia would just tell me if I need to bring clothes, ah there she is.

Okay, I'm packed. It's all going to be just fine. All I have then to do is, ask jetsgo to change the time, email me my next thingy or run to kinko's and print it up and then get a cab to the airport. That's if I DON'T get the part.

If I DO get the part, then I'll have more options to consider, ie the dates and if I can pull off both shows at once. Let's just see what happens. Ah this is the stuff I live for. Of course, I'll be very disappointed if I don't get this part. . . I hadn't thought of that...how shitty.

Still right now? This is the most exciting morning I've had since I got here!



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