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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

walking and typing

posted- 02/08/2004

So since I got here my activities have ranged from sitting inside writing on the computer,
going for a walk to the nearest cafe to sit and do some writing on the computer, stopping and waiting for food so I sit and write at the computer.

good thing i've taken to exercising in the mornings. Still sore from yesterdays. 'brisk walk' turned 'light run'. . . there's nothing light about a 230 lbs. man pounding his feet into the ground and feeling that pound in his knees lower back and self esteem.

I've heard from Dennis which means he's still alive, that's good to know. I had sent him a link to watch an old short film we had made that I'm hosting on my site (cinema 2).
I also tried to call my parents in chile on their cell phone. With the card that I had, it was going give me 4 minutes of airtime to call them there, they didn't pick up so I used that very same card to call my grandmother in Chile, on her landline....and talk for 30 minutes!!! How ridiculous are the cell phone charges down there? It's almost prohibitive, no I'd say that's downright prohibitive for use.
Damn I'm so full of coffee and I've bought this wrap thing too. I was too pumped with caffeine to write in the coffee shop, so i walked some of it off. I'm bored in this little part of the city. I'd like to do something other than sit around in that apartment. I've started tinkering with animation.
What I'm doing isn't really animation or cartoon or comic strip. I'm mixing a lot of things to see what I come up with. I've also been thinking about getting a computer tablet, one of these things that translates what you write/draw (more importantly for me) into your computer. So i can use it to illustrate my own characters, it's much more difficult to do with just the mouse. And this morning, playing with the terminal, I erased a very important file from the root of my computer. i'll fix it and learn to do things right. Luckily I had a mac friend handy at his machine who just emailed me a copy of his file.

wow, boring entry. Sorry nothing happened today.



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