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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

most apartments have private bathrooms

01/23/2004 --date posted

Well, this one doesn't. Why didn't I know this before. I will check again the emails I got from Missy, but so far, it's quaint and central and cheap. I sleep on a pull out couch, I had to put another foam mattress under it because it wasn't too comfortable. But that's what she told me to do to make it more comfy anyway. I'm very proud that I'm only using one drawer in the dresser of the two that she left me. I have closet space, hanging and shelf and someone with a wireless internet hookup in the building or across the street who hasn't learned how to encrypt their signal just yet. Or rather to simply deny any but specific users. That's coming in handy to check my email for now and publish this blog, but I will be careful with it. My experience has been that people turn to their manuals pretty quickly once they realize they're providing a free service to an unknown party. So I'll check once or twice a day. No chatting. And I'll compose most of my emails offline and send only at log in, that way I save online time and avoid detection for a longer period of time.

I'm okay with the apartment. I don't know how inconvenient showering on another floor will be, especially when in conflict with someone else and late for an audition! I'll just have to make sure I'm not late for an audition. So far the place is pretty cold too. The windows are very old and don't keep out all the air. I didn't think I would need the extra blanket that Missy left me, but I do.

I had been here all of a half hour, Missy had shown me around the building, i e laundry facilities etc. when the fire alarm went off in the building, we searched the whole place...only three or four floors and three apartments to each. In the basement, which is not really a basement, but more of a ground floor, the people in the only apartment down there had been cooking a turkey and with all these new smoke detectors around, the heat from the oven had set off a full scale alarm, the second they opened their door for some reason. I don't know if I've explained that clearly or not. But Missy and I took charge, which was kind of funny and I ended up talking to the fireman and explaining where the alarm fuse box was etc, since I had just had the tour. And then it was all over just like that.

I helped her carry all her baggage to the waiting SUV, her brothers', and off she went on her adventure, leaving me, to mine.

So today I will seek out a martial arts club to keep me entertained while I'm here. Although this morning while looking for slippers or something to go to the bathroom(!) I ripped my karate pants right in the ass. Yup. I've had them since 1997, they were in great condition. Thing is even if I sew them up, they'll never be the same structurally again. And if I wear them to a class, I'm going to be much more active and they'll have a greater challenge than just bending and pulling. I don't know how that sounds, but I've got to go and see if I can publish this now, iblog has been giving me a bit of a headache of late.

This has been a Carlos moment.


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