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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Get it together

01/20/2004 - actual date of posting

I have spoken to my sublet, Missy Christensen. She's going to pick me up here at Christine Quayles place on Thursday morning at 11:am. I slept okay last night. Woke up quite suddenly wondering where the hell I was for about a second and then it all came back. It didn't help that Geronimo, Chris' cat, sounds like Tiger when she's upset. Except that he talks like that all the time.

I'm waiting to hear back from jamie about when I can come in to meet with her and drop stuff off. Can pregnant women eat chocolate? I'm sure right? I'll bring her a box.

And that's it for now, except that I've found a wireless network, fatport.com that I can purchase time on, a month at a time. i just have to make sure that there' s one near my new place, but I won't know that till Thursday, so for now I'll be careful to log on only to check emails or to update this blogger.

Ma/pa I hope you had a safe trip, please give my love to grandma and grandpa and remember that you're there to enjoy yourselves!!

Sofi, I hope you're good baby. Don't hurt yourself at the gym. Be patient with Carol and Edwina and can you check in on Susy once in a while? She can become a hermit in no time. I'm afraid she'll forget how to speak english.

Bye everyone. I'll update again in a couple of days. Ito loves.


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