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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Knees in the Back

01/19/2004--date this was actually written and posted elsewhere!

We left Toronto, one hour and a half late. The guy in front just about crushed my laptop with his intent to recline. Fortunately he's more understanding than the five year old behind who is kicking and kneeing me steadily in the small of the back. Thank God that her father fell asleep though, because he was the, is the, I suppose kind of person to speak not just for the people he's with to hear him, but for everyone else as well, not to mention that he's talking to two little girls and making sarcastic jokes that they would never understand. This is a very cramped plane.

I met a portuguese lawyer/ writer at the sports bar while waiting for boarding. It seems maintenance crews had to get the captain a new seat. Well, that's the official line, but we took off without too much bobbing up and down, so whatever it really was, it's been fixed. I would write about my seat mates (people beside me) but they can see quite clearly what I write. They needn't worry, they are very nice. \Even when they spill tomato juice on my seat as they get up to hit the can.

My lawyer friend was bearded and professorial / artistic looking. We had a good ole chat at the bar about Americans and capitalist pigs. Some company named CARA that the bartender worked for as well. For $6 an hour!! Todd was talking about series pay today and he said something like $11,000 a week is pretty normal. Now that would be something. i could fly everyone out to see me. This will mark the first entry of the "6 weeks in Vancouver" journal. Which will be added to the "10 days in LA" online journal, and become a password protected link from my site.

Oh, I found my cheque book. It's in my toiletries bag, of course! So now I can pay Missy the rent. Hopefully my girls will be okay back home... all of them. I miss them already. This feels like it's going to be a long trip. It's now 22:37 Toronto time. So what does that make it in Vancouver. . . 19:37. Well behind schedule. I'll arrive just after 1:am in the mountains. that should be very beautiful. And Christine seemed to think that she could pick me up at the airport, which is good because I spent all my money on a sub and a beet and a bag of chips between Ontario and Manitoba...::p

Tomorrow, I visit Jamie and give Missy a call and figure out my 'hood as it were. Gonna focus and work hard. That's they way to do it, baby.

Carlos, over and out for now.


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