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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Russian again

Now I'm off to meet Clarke for a brew or two at the most. going to try and limit it to one for every two hours. Not interested in reruns. Hope class is good at the gym. Sofia will be working out hard and she needs that. I have nothing to make for dinner though. I should have left her something. I've just been all over the map today. Meeting with mutual funds people at the bank, that was a scary experience. What the hell kind of world do they live in? 10 years?! I've got to put my money away for ten years?! Thank you, no. Stupid. No wonder I avoided all those classes in high school. tha'ts a crazy fucking made up world they live in. . . economists, the problem makers of the world. If it weren't for them slowing things down, we'd have saved the planet by now. Stop consuming!! It's a trap.

Do you know that if all six billion of us (may have gone up by now) on the planet were to consume to the level that Canadians alone do, in order to live the lives that we do, we would need 4 or 5 planets exactly like Earth?! That's it for today. Does having beer mean I'm consuming? I'll look into that. What exactly goes into beer consumption and what's it's impact on the environment? Dunno. Let's think about it.


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