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Friday, April 16, 2004

Shopping around

So I've been looking at other blogs, there are some really cool things being done out there. Mine fits into the whiny, self obsessed teenaged girl category, so I'm going to do some different things. I got that category from an article about blogging I found in a digital magazine that fell out of a "Now" magazine in Toronto. I was thoroughly embarrassed. So I'm going to be working on putting up interesting things.

In fairness my blog started out to document my travels to BC and Los Angeles in search of acting work. Both were successes in their own way and by the by I just landed a small role in the Evel Knievel biopic shooting here in Toronto. I have one day of work, but that's the lot of Canadians.

Anyway, in the name of interest I'm putting up links to cool things and places.


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