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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More Saga's

As the days go by I find more saga's to write about. This next one is pretty cool. I've never read the books, never seen the movie, but I certainly am aware of the legend. So today on my early afternoon coffee run, I was perusing magazines and three caught my eye. The first one, for obvious reasons GQ with Jessica Alba on the cover. I can't say anything about her, my mouth stops working. . . my brain doesn't bother explaining to me what is happening to it, as my eyes burn reluctantly giving in to the need to blink. . . . I watch the trailer for Sin City a lot, with her dancing on the pole. Something about the way she moves her hips, her back. It's not even the regular sexual attributes that get me, not the lips, breasts, incredible ass. . . but the movement, it's hypnotising.

Okay I was going to talk about a Saga! Rolling Stone Magazine has a Hunter S. Thompson special issue. I've never read one lick of his work. But there is so much out there to read! How can we keep up? Or will I forever be in the position to love and want to speak to someone who touched me with their work. . . after they've died? I need to read more. The other magazine I picked up was Premiere, it's doing some cheesey list, like the 50 greatest movie stars, but sometimes I find an article worth reading, something inspiring. Like the one on Sean Penn a couple of months ago, that may have been Vanity Fair. . . whatever, it was inspiring. To me as an actor anyway and maybe as a person too. On how to focus and live your life.

For example, you could join these people and watch much less television and live life to the fullest. See they have a device for it.

What ever happened to one of those devices that you could get, or would one day be able to get, that could blast any cell phone within a ten metre radius and shut it off? Like on a streetcar or in a restaurant. I don't know if it was ten metres, I made that up, but it was certainly supposed to do the trick.

Just the other day I could have used one, instead I borrowed a kids text book and whacked the guy. But it was more obvious. Of course, the guy was pissed and came out swinging. Poor kid, never knew what hit 'im. Or who framed him. But I got the dude off the phone didn't I?

Oh a side note, over the course of writing this, I tried to find Sin City, the movie's official website and just typed it in by itself in the address bar. Don't, especially at work. I know, I didn't have to tell you, so obviously I expect some of you to try it. :-) Just remember, I warned you.


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