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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Red Ape/White Ape

So Chimps and humans share 98.4 % of their DNA, not like in a P2P network, but that's how much of their DNA is identical to ours, obviously that 1.6% difference is huge in how it is expressed. Well, now there's a fellow who says, 'Nope. Orangutans are closer', he's come to this conclusion using characteristics that we have in common instead of how close the DNA says we are. He also says, Orangs have much more in common with us! Here's an exerpt:

The view presented here is that genetic similarity of base pair sequences is not a necessary measure of phylogenetic relationship and that morphology continues to exist as an independently reliable source of information on evolutionary relationships. The orangutan model presents a conundrum for biological systematics over how to chose between morphological and genetic evidence when they are in conflict.

Also, look at Europe go! Finding surprises all over Mars. . . possibility of life? Let's wait and see!

And Cassini says, Saturns' moon has a significant atmosphere ! Way too much stuff happening to keep tabs on but I will try.


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