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Sunday, June 27, 2004

UFO's in Toronto

Watching the fire works display from the rooftop of our building on the waterfront, tonight. myself and about 20 other people caught something in the south eastern sky coming down to Earth at an incredible rate of speed. It seemed to be several bright lights and then as it came into focus, there was one very bright one, almost like a comet and two less brighter ones to the front and back of it, but all moving at the same speed. If anyone has any idea what this could have been, please let me know. I haven't seen anything on any of the science and tech sites that I frequent but I will keep looking. I have limited excperience with the night sky but I know that planes don't go that high and I've never seen anything move that fast, except for satellites but it was burning up --well getting brighter anyway. And it seemed headed for the East, just South of us I hope this wasn't all one run on sentence, but this is exciting. I guess the time of the viewing must have been between 11:00 and 12:00 midnite on the 26th of June. More as I find it out.



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