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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Moving Day

Today is our last day on the East side of the City of Toronto. I spent four years just north of the Danforth and just finished 6 months living just south of it. We are moving to an apartment right on the waterfront now. We got the keys yesterday and are awaiting the movers.

Why do I have time to write up a blog entry? Because my girlfriend is an organizational neurotic and we were packed yesterday, since the movers would charge us more for having to come up the stairs, we've organized everything in the order we would like it to go into the truck, front to back, on the porch. I have photos even, but I packed my camera's usb cable already so they'll have to come after the fact.

The movers are due for noon, here at the house and then we're off to the new place for our prearranged elevator time. Yep, had to organize that too. We're buying a washer/dryer stacked unit from a neighbour who is moving across the street and can't fit it into their new place. It's better and newer than the one that came with our apt. so this is good. The plan is to take the movers up there first and then start our stuff. It's not going to take them very long, we almost don't need them. I timed us getting everything to the porch, about 45 minutes. The easiest move ever. Okay, I won't speak to soon, so far it's been good. We're resting, but I can't trust her to sit still on the porch with our stuff, she just keeps moving around doing stuff. I apologize for the boring entry. I'm going to get back out to man the porch. We even have a pilon for the truck when it arrives, to save it's space on the street in front.

I wonder what's going on in the world today, I'll have to read the news. Oh yeah pedophile at a childrens' hospital here in Toronto. These guys are just popping up everywhere. . . something seriously has to change.


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