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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Rainy Day

Well, last night marked the first time that Clarke and I performed together on our own, since being part of a comedy troupe for so many years. . . so many years ago. And a special thank you to my girl for taking all that time to come out and video tape us and even pay for beer and snacks after, who's luckier then me? Poor thing was singing the songs in the shower this morning! At least we know it's catchy.

I have at least one picture up and you can check it here:

Beergut and Sandwich is the name of our co-creation.

Also some very exciting non political or maybe political now that I think of it, news! It's great for civilians anyway,
the first ever, privately sponsored and created manned space flight!! How Awesome is that? check it:

SpaceshipOne Launches June 21st 06:30am PDT

I should mention that we performed last night, at a fundraiser for friends Melissa and Katerina's fringe festival show. It's called Dolores and I'll put up more info about it soon. The entire night was a success I think, some incredibly funny and talented acts performed. The few that stand out in my mind were, Steve Puchalski, Vito Cazzo Lungo (aka Marco Timpano) and Frank Spadone. Oh shit and of course Heino (AKA Marc Hicox) and Perry Perlmutter hilarious.


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