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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Leaders Debate

Wow. Nobody wins. Ridiculous. Harper is scary in a George W. / Hitler kind of way. He stayed calm almost the entire night, until he had to repeat himself to Martin, who wasn't listening so much as reiterating his party platform. . . he wasn't doing much answering of direct questions either. Jack "russel" Layton was laying into Paul and Steve pretty heavy but not really affecting much I don't think, especially when he talked over Martin until Martin asked 'did you handlers tell you to talk non stop too?' or something to that effect. Paul, you're an idiot. What a jack ass thing to say, when you're talking about missiles. Sure jack was talking over you, but he was right and you were and have been wrong for years. Duceppe was great and calm and good at asking direct questions that rarely got answered. (did I spell his name right?).

My opinion, the Liberals are toast and all the political back pedaling in the world isn't going to save them. If Harper wins, we're toast. We won't be Canadians anymore, but Americans. May as well add a maple leaf to the stars and stripes, if you haven't already.


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