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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Moved Today

Not so painless, but everything eventually fell into place. I was right we were incredibly organized, and it was an easy packing job (into truck). The elevator was small and we had to make about four trips. The washer/dryer drama, deserves it's own entry.

Just back to do some more clean up and final pick ups of things. Working tomorrow at 06:10. Getting picked up at the new address. Strange. Shower sucks. Furniture arrived. . .twice, first time Leon's showed up an hour before they were supposed to, the building books elevators at certain times and does not deviate from them. So they came back later, about twenty minutes after we were done with the move. Movers didn't cost as much as I thought, so all in all a good day. Except for fighting with girlfriend. Ah whattaayagonnado? We were both stressed with the ordeal of moving. Now that that's taken care of, we can go about the business of building a new home! Exciting.

Now to bed.


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