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Thursday, March 03, 2005


What is it about Thursday? I used to love it, because it was named after the Norse God of Thunder, and that dude was cool.
But two Thursdays ago, my sister was in the hospital with gallstones. Now my father's heart condition is acting up again and my mother has taken him to emergency. I'm home with my little sister.

My mother called me at around 7:30 to tell me that he wasn't feeling well, his thing was acting up, I can't even pronounce it, it think it boils down to irregular heartbeat and palpitations. It leaves him short of breath and pretty much unable to do anything. She wanted me closer than farther, I don't know about my grammar here, so I'm here now. In case something happens at least I won't have to take a cab? Or maybe she just feels better having me here. Well, I feel better being closer anyway. It's still shitty to have to sit and wait and then when it's over, when they give him the meds to feel better and check him out and send him home, he'll still have that look in his eye. That terrified look I've grown to hate. I don't like to see him terrified. It's not supposed to be this way. He's my father.

I was at a friends' place for dinner last Saturday, one of our friends was there and his wife said something like, "We're at that age, I guess." We could all count a slew of people who's familiars were with Cancer. My friend who had us over for dinner, lost his father last year. I was at a funeral for a friend's mother two Sundays ago. I guess we are at that age, where we'll all start losing our parents. Shit have we already inherited the world? What a mess. . .

Ma just called. He's in with the doc, they're looking him up and down. There sure is a lot of anxiety in this family.


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