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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Million Bucks

Saw "Million Dollar Baby" tonight. Fantastic. What a beautiful movie. Acting awesome, Directing awesome, writing awesome. Morgan Freeman and Clint and Hilary all were just incredibly powerful to watch and experience. Can't stop thinking about it. Thought I was okay, cried a little in it but then as I was telling my family to go and see it, it really hit me how powerful an impact it had. Walk don't run.

Except I would avoid the Varsity, cinema 1. Was there a hole in the roof? The wall?! It was freezing in there! We told the manager and he said the heat was on but it would take a while for a room that size. BS, they knew something was up, because halfway through the film, it was colder. Well, the film is worth it and also, afterwards you can go to the management and say, "it's bloody freezing in there! Give me passes to another film!". Like come on! I paid $13.95 for the damned movie.


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