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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Oh Thursday

As bad as mine was, it was worse for my friend who's mother passed away that same day. I have just returned home from the funeral. Very sad. I think I like the Jewish traditions better than the ones I was familiar with growing up. They actually wait till the body's in the ground and then everyone who is invited to, takes a shovel or two full of dirt and throws it on the coffin. It was practially fully buried in about ten minutes. And very cold today. Fingers and toes hurting as they thawed on the way to my friend's parents place for food and the beginning of Shiva. I am not sure if this is the first day of Shiva or if that's tomorrow.

Well, that's Sunday. But can you believe Thursday? And my sister is out of the hospital now, but still in great discomfort and not so happy about the possibility of a looming surgery, just before her scheduled trip to Japan. She may have to postpone. Sad, the opportunity of a lifetime.


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