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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Website launch

Hiya folks, a friend of mine a filmmaker and writer / director has just launched his new website. You must check it out, if only for the breathtaking clips from his films. And also if you're into photography, damn, check out his 'people' section (my personal fave), cuz the boy has a good eye.

Peter Riddihough

Also, brush your cats regularly or their hair will get into your powerbook. . . just finished wiping and blowing on mine. . .powerbook that is. . . rrr. . . And another also, I'm working on my own online sci fi themed show . . . 'Cosmic Journal'. Yup. Started as a faux show to generate demo material so I could apply for a position at the Space Channel, but I have a feeling it might go well with my own site. A way to draw the masses together and say something. . . anything. We desparately need to connect with each other don't we? If only to correct ones' spelling of the word 'desperate'.

peace out.


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