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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I've noticed that many new blogs and old ones as well, are dedicated to something, anything. I have two here that I'm goinig to link to. If I were to dedicate mine to something it would have to be Mi-5, the awesome BBC spy drama.

Bill Sparks an old friend of mine from Tony and Tina's wedding, has a blog dedicated to online poker. He's a computer geek, a comedian and a poker fanatic, have a look. link

This woman I read an article about in the Toronto Star today. It was in yesterdays star but I only just saw it. I checked out her sight and found it very interesting. She's going to make a million dollars this year. That's what she says, she's an indebt student from the IAOD (international academy of design), and if you've ever known anyone that went there for anything, you know it's crazy expensive. link

And my favourite show as of this moment. It airs Saturday nights at 10pm on A&E. I own first and second seasons on DVD, if anyone wants to borrow them. In second place is 24. If it weren't so preposterous some times, I would be happier. And what's the deal with power hungry, manipulative women all being black?! What are they telling us?


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