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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Done and Done and then some

Well, there you go. We did it Ontario. Our votes made sure that the Conservatives don't run away with our Canada. We gave the Liberals a real near death experience and hopefully that'll smarten them up. If that doesn't work, well we've got Jack Layton and the NDP to keep them in line. The saddest part about all of this is a report that I saw this morning saying only 60.3% of Canadians voted! We have to exercise our rights! It's so bloody important. Well maybe we can do something about getting more people to do that over time.

um . . . in other news. The world text messaging record was broken. No predictive text messaging was allowed and they used upper and lower case for the contest. A 23 year old Singaporean woman won. Here's the link: Speed Text . Ps. I think I can beat her record. Any takers? I am going to try it, the old world record of 67 seconds and I think that I can easily surpass that. We'll see just how fast 43 seconds is.


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