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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Home Sick

Not Homesick, but Home sick. I've been cooped up for so many days, a short walk to the video store jolts my leg
muscles because they've atrophied. Sitting on the couch watching too much CSI can do that as well. When you're body
is spasming on it's own to try and get exercise, you know you're in trouble.

Anyway, I've seen some choice television. And I rented tonight, an incredibly beautiful film. It's called "Hero", I missed it in the theatres recently. It's a martial arts film, of course starring Jet Li, but so much more. I haven't seen images/colours like it since Kurosawa's "Dreams" and the story was very engaging. I'm not much of a reviewer cuz I'm sick and can hardly think, so i'll just finish up by saying, if you like martial arts and astonishing imagery on film, see this. Music is awesome too. I'm floored is all I'm trying to say.

Looking forward to this week, season 3 of 24 is already out on DVD, so time to pull an all dayer and watch 'em straight through. I haven't seen a single episode since February, when I was in Vancouver shooting the Dead Zone--

Speaking of which(!!) if you get Space channel in Canada. Saturday December 18th at 7pm --
The Dead Zone, episode 'Collison'.

Yup, I'm in it. Yet another of my dramatic Paramedic roles. I auditioned for another one this past week. Won't get it though, was horribly out of it at the audition, due to being sick you see.



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