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Thursday, November 25, 2004


Here's a cool site. I just sent them a testimonial.
You MUST go to the link first and just have a look, it's very easy to figure out what it's about and then you can read my story.


I wrote these guys a story about why I needed to have one of what they're selling.
(it's not necessarily real, but very funny. found it via Boing Boing)

Check the link above first!!

Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 16:54:09 Canada/Eastern
To: info@bananaguarduk.com

I would like to add my own 'banana guard needed' story. Will you be adding testimonials to your site as they come?
Well, this is one about how I wish I had had a banana guard just over two weeks ago:

I live in Toronto Canada, and I was late for work one fine chilly November morning. Having no time for breakfast, I quickly grabbed a banana to go off the counter and ran out the door. As I left the apartment, I realized that my streetcar (trolley) was coming and had to make a mad dash for the stop! At this point my cell phone rang. I almost reached into my pocket to get it and thought better of it, not wanting to slow myself down and risk missing the streetcar.

After boarding, I reached into my pocket to retrieve my phone messages. . . only to find that it had been dropped into the same pocket as my 'on the go' banana. . . needless to say, my banana was crushed from the run and had I had a Banana Guard from Bananaguard UK, I wouldn't have been the fellow on public transport actively licking his cell phone. . . also, my breakfast was ruined.



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