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Monday, October 18, 2004

Celebrity Re run

I spoke with Carlos Diaz today in Los Angeles and he was telling me that his people really loved the segment we did on his show. He said a very huge producer came in and loved the 'Carlos Diaz piece'. There was even talk, though brief about airing it on Extra!

At the very least Carlos said, it's going to be rerunning until they're tired of my mug, which is great. Cuz that means I'll be on American national TV and in Toronto and Vancouver for a long time to come. Being profiled as an actor! He made me look like a movie star. I wish I had been a little funnier and more charismatic, but it was my first interview as myself! Instead of studying Tom Cruise I should have watched Robyn Williams. . . okay sorry, getting away from the topic.

Watch your Toronto 1 on American holidays, I should be on TV around their Thanksgiving which is in a couple of weeks.
And don't forget to tune into Omni 2 for the premiere of 'Metropia', I'll make a brief appearance there too. . . did I mention that already? heh.

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