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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dutch Oven

Oh yes and I have a friend in from Amsterdam. A friend that pops in and out of my life from time to time.
Had a couple of beers, caught up, cried a bit even. It's nice. She's in town for some conference, I am going to some of the speaker thingies. . . she's part of OISTAT, International association of scenographers and theatre architects
and technicians. Not to be confused with OOOHFIEAOOH. (Ontario institute of UFOlogy)

Life has a funny way of bringing things back into your conscious awareness. With this friend, we always end up examining the why's and the wherefores (which is funny, because wherefore actually means 'why'). Different from other friends, when we're just examining the thighs and the cheap whores.

Don't ask, it's early. And I'm goooin' to the doc-torz and I'm . . . etc

Oh and this is neat (via metafilter). One of the greatest minds of our time. I had a book of his, that I can't find! It's got to be somewhere. I loved that book.


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