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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Old Time Radio, Coach?

I found this great classic radio online site. You can download mp3's of classic shows, like Abbott and Costello or Sherlock Holmes dramas or even Orson Welles, whatever your tastes, you should really check it out.

There is something there for everyone: comedy, drama, kids stories, Sci-fi, thrillers, variety shows, westerns!! They have something like 5, 000 shows available!!

I pay $7 a month to the site and all the files I download are on my mp3 player. . . which isn't an ipod. Ipods are $400 Cdn at the cheapest. I still can't justify that. I have an MPIO player and it used to work just fine, now if I could get the patch to make it work with something other than itunes 3, that'd be great. But that won't stop you from checking out the site!!



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